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Activities in the area

Pedestrian tourism:
Internet guide of Bohemian-Switzerland National Park:
Internet guide of Lužické mountains: – here you can set tourists cycling trails directly on a map:,5637750,3465930,5642360&poi=2,6,7
Interesting trails:

Cycling tourism:
At the current time there is around 40Km of cycling trails marked in the Šluknovský výběžek. They go through public and forest roads which are good for cycling. Some parts of these trails are also used by pedestrians (CAREFUL - pedestrians have priority). The network of cycling trails are connected to the existing network of trails outside of the area of the National Park . Same as tourist trails, the cycling trails will lead you to interesting places of the National park. Individual trails are described here:

Tennis courts:
Tennis courts are situated 100m from the Stará hospoda guest-house. Artificial turf makes volleyball possible. The cost is 100Kč per hour. It is necessary to reserve it at the restaurant Stará hospoda. Outside of the summer season there is a possibility of a tennis hall in Krásná Lípa (240Kč per hour)

In hotel JEF which is about 300m from the guest-house. With instructor Mrs. Jašíčková. 11 bikes available. More information at the hotel reception or at

Horse riding in the area of National park:
Horse riding on the grounds of the National park was allowed only on bigger or local roads. For horseback ridding and pulling coaches. In the interest of supporting steady tourism and recreational use of the park the management of the park designated more trails for these uses. First one is a trail following so called Czech road starting at its entry to the National park in Vysoká Lípa and ending in Zadní Jetřichovice. Second one goes from so called První brána ( first gate) through forests to a road leading to the Tokáň settlement. Third trail is limited to a section of Dolní Chřibská u Sloupu so-called Saula (gamekeepers lodge and information center of the park) and the Tokáň settlement. Last trail is a constituent part of Kyjovské Údolí, to junction of křinice and Brtnický stream. The last trail connects Kyjov and Doubice. More on:

Multipurpose sports hall in Krásná Lípa:
In the winter months good for tennis, volleyball, mini soccer etc. It is part of the sports areal of Bohemian-Switzerland. Opened from 9AM until 10PM. Reservations at phone number. 608 522 871, the price is 150Kč per hour. More information on web reservation possible after registering on the website.

TOVÁRNA Krásná Lípa – House of free time
Information: Zuzana Fryčová, phone: 412 331 262, Pražská 506/6, Krásná Lípa
Sauna, solarium, Massage, fitness: phone: 774 492 230
Továrna offers: sauna, fitness, restaurant, accommodation, solarium, massage, bike rentals.
Summer open times:
Sauna * Tu - FR 6PM – 10PM 70Kč per hour
* minimum of 4 people but individual sessions can be reserved.
Fitness: Mo – SU 2PM – 10PM We- 6AM – 8AM price: 50Kč per hour
Restaurant ¨Mo – Su 12 PM - 22PM
Massage – individually – only by reservation. Phone: 412 331 262 price 150-500Kč

Sports premises Rumburk:
Multi purpose hall – 22x44m for handball, volleyball, florball, tennis, hall soccer. 2 squash courts, 4 bowling tracks, 4 table tennis tables, 3 beach volleyball courts.

Swimming pools:
Natural swimming pool Kyjov (2Km) - grass and sand beach, then in Jiřetín, Dolní Podluží, Varnsdorf, Rumburk and few beautiful swimming pools nearby in Germany. More on

Cosmetic salon Rumburk:
Distance in a car is about 10KM – hairdresser, cosmetics, solarium, nail modeling.

Horní Podluží – about 5Km from Doubice – 2 ski slopes 500m long, artificial snow, possibility of night skiing under artificial lighting.
Jiřetín Pod Jedlovou – about 8Km from Doubice – Skiareal – 2 ski lifts ( 1200m and 800m) and maintained ski runner tracks about 5Km long.

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